Aghoracharya Vishnuswami Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram

Aghoracharya Vishnuswami Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram Born in Sweden by the Name Daniel in the year 1982 on the 28th day of July At the age of six after being informed that his body was sick and was diagnosed with terminal diabetes. Asking the Questions of who am I? what am I? why am I suffering? Eventually Came to the realization that his body is a machine that was broken. This Triggered him to explore spirituality setting the framework of his journey inwards and to the Vast land of Bharta Varsh. It has been 12 journeys to India so far. In 2002 he went to Punjab and Lived with a Sikh family for 6 weeks. Learning about Selfless service, Dharma, Meditation, Prayer, Singing the name of God in true nonsectarian spirit. In 2007 Exploring Haridwar Rishikesh and Vrindavan where He met his Guru for the first time. Venturing back to Sweden and Continuing Research on Indian religion Philosophical studies And spiritual practices. In 2008 Venturing back to India and to Vrindavan he received Diksha in Shyamanandi Parivar from Sri Hridayananda Das Babaji. Living in the Ashram with his beloved guru and god brothers developing a strong Loving relationship to Radha Krsna and rendering service as a Pujari he was also developing a strong presence of Shiva visiting him daily either in his dreams or while he was rendering his service and duties. After direct instructions from his senior God brother and Gurudeva Sri Hridayananda Das Babaji blessing him he set out for Varanasi In search of Aghora. Meeting his now Guru Babaji Anil Ram Aghori Of the Kina Ram Aghora Sampradaya and first received mantra diksha and a year later received sanyasi diksha further directing him to teach Sri Aghor Vaishnava siddhanta all over the world. Including his attendance at Maha kumbh mela in Haridwar in 2010, living a couple of years as a homeless wandering sadhu in India. Aghoracharya Vishnuswami maintains a ashram in Sweden and has disciples all over USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Italy, Bangladesh

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
The world is one family

Words from Aghoracharya Vishnuswami Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram.
“Our tradition of Sri Aghor Vaishnav Siddhanta Rudra Sampradaya knows very well that Lord Shiva and His Shakti are expansions of Sri Hari the personality of Godhead. But instead of just worship and glorifying them we also pay attention to their teachings of devotional service to Sri Hari.
Similarly Sri Guru accepts worship and praises but doesn’t really appreciate it if one doesn’t pay attention to what Guru does or says. Rudra the Aghoreshwar taught Narada muni, Narada taught Veda Vyasa, Vyasa taught Sukadeva Goswami the Avadhuta and Sukadeva taught emperor Pariksit and the rest of the world about devotional service to the divine couple absolute truth Sriman Hari.The concept of duality can never be applied to bhakti the eternal relationship between the soul and God. The individual soul and God are never separated because God is omnipresent. The suffering experienced in one’s mind is always connected to karma, cause and effect, a pattern self created in delusion. In utter reality there is no suffering inside of us. Beyond confusion the eternal nature of the Self shines brightly. You are sat-chit-ananda, eternally blissful and free from ignorance. A diamond remains ever pure regardless of how much dust that covers it.”

  • Aghoracharya Vishnuswami

Painting made by Aniruddha Das a
Disciple of Aghoracharya Vishnuswami Totagopinathdas Suryasu Ram

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