The Guru

Lord Shiva gave the initial instructions to our founding Acharya, Baba Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram to begin the revival of this ecstatic approach to devotional service; which Baba Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram initially rejected. it was only after his godbrother Gopal Das Babaji insisted that he give diksha and siksha in this Vaishnavaghori Panth, did he begin to consider it more seriously. after spending so many years in Vrindavan as the humble disciple of Sri Sri 108 Hridayananda Das Babaji & taking his blessings, Baba Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram went to Varanasi on his quest for Aghora.

Baba Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram eventually found himself as the disciple of Babaji Anil Ram Aghori of the Kinaram lineage. Babaji Anil Ram Aghori would go onto grant our Acharya Aghori Diksha and give his blessing as well to this Sri Aghor Vaishnava Panth.

Sri Aghor Vaishnava Sampradaya is very closely associated with two larger sects of Hinduism due to their influence & authorization of this Panth, namely, the Kinaram Sampradaya of Varanasi & the Shyamananda Sampradaya of Vrindavan

“Fault finding is the only so called problem in the drama. It creates dualities that captivates us in the world of the mind. But in reality it doesn’t exist because it is an illusion. When the impartial freedom fighters called Aghoris behold the world they are not affected by such things that are disturbed to others, but can with a good laughter allow themselves peace of mind and joy without interruption , either alone or with others wherever they are “by Totagopinath Das Suryasu Ram