Thakur temple

Radha Vinod Ji Jamai Thakur temple in Vrindavan.

The deity of Vinod Ji was mysteriously found in a river by the great devotee named Vancharam in eastern Bengal. Once while taking his daily bath in the river he heard a voice saying “take me out of the water and bring me to your home” but Vancharam couldn’t locate the source of the voice. The next day the same thing happened. On the third day when he was going out of the water something clung to his foot and to his surprise it was the beautiful deity of Sri Kṛṣṇa.
Vinod Ji as Vancharam called Him was very luxurious there was no end to His demands. When Vancharam couldn’t fulfill His demands He either urged someone else or He Himself brought the things wanted somehow from somewhere, sometimes He had to steal or plunder. Once Vinod Ji wanted to eat vegetable made of mustard flowers. After sunset He went to the field of a farmer and collected the flowers. At night He said to Vancharam in a dream “since long I haven’t eaten vegetable prepared from mustard flowers. You offer it today”. Vancharam didn’t know where he could get mustard flowers, with tension in his mind he visited Vinod-Thakur Ji in the morning and saw that the deity was decorated with mustard flowers and had more wrapped in a pitambara cloth. Vancharam was well known for his hospitality and his door was open for anyone. One night when he and his wife were sleeping, three guests knocked at the door. Vinod Ji didn’t want their sleep to be disturbed so He received the guests Himself. Vinod Ji went to the shop where Vancharam used to purchase provisions and said to the shop keeper, “Vancharam has sent me to get some things on loan” the shop keeper asked, how can I give provisions to someone I never seen or heard of before? Vinod Ji gave him a gold bangle and said “return this to Vancharam”.
The shop keeper agreed. Next morning Vancharam surprised and confused asked the guests when they had come and who opened the door? Your son opened the door and made all the arrangements for the food. We did not want to disturb you. At noon when the shop keeper came with the gold bangle, the mystery was solved. Vancharam used to smoke hukka water pipe and offer it to Vinod Ji who enjoyed it after every meal, because it was shared with love. Even today Vinod Ji still enjoys His Hukka. And he really smokes it by Himself. For a long time Vinod Ji was without a consort, sportive as He was He began to think of marriage. He decided to marry the royal landlord Rajarishi Banavari lal’s daughter whose name was Radha. Vinod Ji inspired and sent one of His devotees to the Raja landlord to tell him about the mysterious deity of Sri Kṛṣṇa found by Vancharam and worshipped in his home. The Raja heard all about the daily pastimes and miracles performed by Vinod ji and decided to visit the place with his wife and daughter Radha. As they were looking at Vinod Ji Radha clasped her mother and said, look mother how He is smiling and looking at me! Foolish said the mother. The sweet smiles of Vinod Ji so captured the heart of Radha that she thought of Him day and night and often visited Him together with her father who also grew stronger affection for Vinod Ji. One day Radha said to her father in front of Vancharam that she wanted to take Vinod Ji home. But will Vancharam let us do so the father replied? Vancharam directly said, who am I to say that you should or should not? At night Vinod Ji said to Vancharam in a dream, “Let Me go with the Raja. I am pleased with you. Don’t be sad, for you will soon realize Me”. Radha served Vinod Ji with heart and soul, she arranged His meals, clothing and decorations. Vinod Ji was very much pleased with her service but He often teased her. He would sometimes after eating rub His dirty hands on her dress sometimes pinch her and sometimes even spit at her. Her love for Vinod only increased and so did His love pranks. One day, He caught the corner of the princess’s sari and said, “You must marry Me.” she told her mother about it who first didn’t believe. After some time, the princess became ill. Vinod Ji told Radha’s mother in a dream, “Radha will not survive but you need not worry. She will die to live with Me as My bride. You should make one deity of Radha from the wood of the dry cedar tree in your garden and marry her to Me.” And so it happened that as soon as the deity of Radha was installed, the princess Radha passed away. The cremation of princess Radha was carried out at the same time that Radha’s deity form was being installed beside Vinod Ji . Sri Vinod Ji now became Sri Radha-Vinod Ji. After some time, the landlord Raja later known as Sri Vanamali Das went to Vrindavan and brought Sri Radha-Vinod Ji with him. He constructed and established a temple at this place.
Rajarishi Ray Vanamali Das became a great devotee of the Sri Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya by the mercy of Sri Radha Vinod Ji.
Photo of Aghoracharya Vishnuswami Totagopinathdas Suryasu Ram
At Radha Vinod Ji Jamai Thakur temple in Vrindavan

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